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ERASMUS+ KA2 "C.R.E.A.C.T.I.O.N." 2018-2020



Partners: France (coordinator), Italy, Turkey, Finland, Spain, UK

About the Project

This KA2 Erasmus + project aims at helping schools afford implemeting new activities, go beyond regular school curriculums and help students find their talent , to develop further the different subjects and skills taught at school, and
explore new types of activities and projects.We do believe this project will help them understand that school can be a place where they can find self-fulfillment, where the main goal isn't to merely answer the expectations of society but to find who they are to understand what goals they wish to reach, and how to reach them. Thanks to the use of innovative ICT tools, peer work and
cross disciplinary activities we hope to include and encourage all our students to try new activities, without fear of failure. They will become more self-confident about their own talents and skills, and more comfortable with the time spent at school. Thus, our schools will suffer less from early school leaving, school demotivation .

Our Institute, I.C. “San Giorgio” has joined, as partner, the Erasmus+ ka2 Project “C.R.E.A.C.T.I.O.N.” during the school years 2018-2020 (March 2021 because of the pandemics) and has reached all the goals we had planned at the beginning of the Project.
The main purpose of the Project was to let students discover their talent and to have the courage to keep it out and share with the others.
All achievements and results are visible on the project twinspace: .

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The numerical results of the impact of the activities can be seen on this page in particular (and the sub-pages): 
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Password: europe.
In the website:

A competition was held from October to December to find a logo for the project. The students were invited to present their productions and in each school a vote was taken to choose 3 logos from the set. A little ceremony has been made with the presence of our Headmistress. So, a vote this time involving all the partners was organized on twinspace via tricider so that the whole educational community could choose the winner, knowing that we could not vote for a logo for our school. The winner was a French student. 

Online safety as it is important to know how to use it safely and wisely. We taught the students about the importance of keeping personal information safe to avoid identity fraud and encouraged them to speak out about cyber-bullying or inappropriate use of social media sites and how to get help.
We organized many activities to make students aware of the risks of the Internet and Cyberbullying.
Some of my students experimented comics for our topic "Be safe on the Internet!" They were really excited and had a lot of fun.
Others made a text:
What type of Internet user are you?
"What type of Internet user are you?" Are you a butterfly...a dolphin...a seal...or a squirrel? ?Or are you a mixture....a squirrifly or a dolseal...?
Besides, they were being shown a video, explained and commented by an expert; after the video, as feedback, we divided them in groups to play some offline and online games and a board game (a sort of Monopoly): they had to reach the centre of a city called "Internetopoli" through a series of questions, challenges, drawings, charades and so on. Everything related to what they had listened previously. They partecipated with a great enthusiam and had a lot of fun during the games. 
All of these activities were intended to best prepare for the first student mobility in Finland in March 2019:

One of the priorities of the project is to make our students aware of the culture of their European partners and to focus on common values. To develop their European culture, our students were tested on their knowledge. After analyzing their results, they understood that they needed to develop a better understanding of the culture of their partners and of the European institutions. They therefore interviewed each other in mixed teams on different subjects, collected their responses and carried out research. They wrote articles collected in an online magazine: 
These activities were intended to prepare for mobility in France:

The Italian students have visited our partners' culture in several ways: posters with symbols, recipes, drama,everyday life scenes...and so on. They have had a lot of fun.
They performed the symbols of the French Republic, the “tea-time” in UK, made posters with some important historical characters and greetings in our partners’ languages. 
They played kahoot game before and after the activity, to be conscious about what they learnt thanks to the activities they made. 

We organized activities to be healthy “ mentally” and “physically”.
Our school organized some meetings about "Educazione all'affettività", some specialists, psychologists and educationalists came and met our 8th grade students to educate them about emotions, gender equality and the importance of communication among them, families, teachers and specialists.
During the year also a medical equipe came to check their weight, height, backbone (kyphosis, scoliosis and lordosis) and teeth. 
An international cookbook was created; Italian students prepared two traditional dishes: “pasta al forno” and “rotolo di ricotta e cioccolata”. 
For the “Cultural Food Party”, our students visited our partners' gastronomy. They have had a lot of fun.
Turkish culture: some symbols and recipes: 
At the restaurant in UK: 
At the tea-room: 
Celebrating Finland: 
Spanish recipes: 
Evaluation: “How healthy are you?” 
We can say students made significant progress, according to the teachers, between the habits before and their choices after these activities. We create a “Healthy calendar” to use for the break at school.

As part of the project, students have the opportunity to develop collective civic actions in order to understand the importance of playing a role in society as actors, in particular through volunteering. Helping others, seizing opportunities to change society to the extent of our means are all values that we want to develop in our school.
-We met some young people, who spend part of their free time in “Voluntary Organizations” of our area. They help children to do their homework, to play games: football, volleyball, basketball; they sing and dance; they draw and paint and do many other nice and funny activities.
Each of us expressed his (her) idea of “solidarity”.
Then we watched some videos about acts of solidarity. At the end we all agreed that “solidarity” is also a simple act towards a person who is in trouble in that moment: an old person carrying heavy shopping bags, a schoolmate, a friend who is sad that day and so on.
-Every year our school collect toys and clothes for needy families. We collected clothes, shoes and toys for the needy families.
We packed them and decorated the boxes with drawings.
Then the parish priest of our church helped us to give the gifts.
Every year our school organizes many events for charity: we organize Fairs to sell pastries, objects made with recycled materials, we collect and donate toys and school supplies and other nice activities.
We and our families, especially our mums, are always happy to join these events at school.ù 
We showed our activities during the school partnership in Spain:

Before Christmas holiday, the bomb squad of "Carabinieri" Force met our students to make them conscious on the risks of a bad and undisciplined use of firecrackers and other explosive devices, not always legally placed on the market... 
Individual Rights and Responsibilities was important as every child has fundamental rights and we educated our young people about those rights and how to put them into practise. When children know their rights, they are able to recognise when those rights are being violated, and they will be more likely to defend themselves by speaking up and reporting incidents to the relevant authorities.
On the 20th November our school celebrated the "Children's Rights Day"; after reading and talking about the "Convention of the Rights of the children" made by UNICEF, some students have chosen the ones that impressed them more; then they, together with students from primary and secondary school, grade6, made some posters. 
Then we played a kahoot game to see how much they know about their rights.
Students of today will inherit a planet with exhaustible resources and it is vital that they learned about the importance of recycling and looking after nature.
in Italy, we deal with Ecofriendliness from pre.primary school, we educate our students to respect environment since they are little children and it happens; but when they grow up, we have quite to force them to do it. For this reason, every year we involve them in ecofriendliness activities; the activity, they liked more this year, was the planting of olive trees, a project with our City Council, that donated to schools some olive trees. Groups of students of each grade, including SEN, more than the previous years, were involved.
The Major of our city donated two olive oil trees to all the school in Catania on the occasion of "The day of the Tree" on 21st November.
Our students of primary and secondary school were so excited! They have called them "Giorgio" and "Giorgia", because they want to respect the gender equality :-) 
The 3 themes “Be a volunteer!, Be ecofriendly! Be healthy!” were presented during the partnership school exchange in Spain.
(double click to open the video) 

This was the theme to be performed in Italy. We were so excited to perform “dramas” and “Talent show” in our school, in front of all teachers, classmates and families. Everything was ready to receive our partners on 29th March 2020…but the Covid19 stopped us…and we had a virtual meeting.
For our drama, we had to mix, and present in a drama, one or more foreign characters; we chose “Don Quixote” and “Rölli”, a Finnish character. For our partners we prepare a PPT about Polyphemus. The PPT was realized through the cooperative learning: each slide has been done by a group of students; then 3 of them collected the slides in a ppt.
(click twice to open the PPT).
Our character was chosen by the French students for a cartoon.
This is our Evaluation about the virtual partnership school exchange in Italy:
“Proud of our students”: I’d like to start my evaluation report with this sentence, because it’s what my Headmistress, the staff and me have thought at the end of the week when my school hosted our partners to conclude this beautiful Project.
The first day, our Headmistress welcomed our hosts with a lovely speech. Students introduced themselves, their own school and city, through videos, pptx, podcast and live video.
The theme of the mobility in Italy was “Be an Artist!”, so the second and third day, French, Finnish, Spanish, Turkish, British and Italian students have had the opportunity to show their talent in the “C.R.E.A.C.T.I.O.N. talent show”. We have seen many performances in a great variety of disciplines: dancing, singing, drawing, playing violin, piano, guitar, juggling and sport activities.
On Thursday, we had our “Drama” scenes: Students mixed characters from the six Countries, rewrote the plot in a funny way, using recycled materials for the scenography.
On the last day, on Friday, they played two Kahoot games on Artistic topics: music and painting.
Then an evaluation test about the mobility in Italy.
It was a nice, funny but very emotional week. Maybe a positive aspect of this virtual mobility was that students felt more self-confident behind a screen and that more students could join the mobility.
Even if we, the Italian team, families and students had a ready and very different weekly programme to host our Partners last March and couldn’t imagine to host them “virtually” in our school, in our beautiful Sicily, we can say the Project has finished in a brilliant way; thank you to our Partners, now friends, and their students; it has been a great pleasure to meet them all again, even if behind a screen.
Here the video-performances of our students is:
"Don Quixote vs Rolli"
Italian students performed a readapted scene based on a "misunderstanding" between "Don Quixote" and "Rolli", a Finnish character. We built every part and elements of the scene using recycled materials. We had a lot of fun!:

talent show: Some students showed their talent and were selected to partecipate to the talent show in the Mobility in Italy. They, together to the actors and the students who introduced the school to our partners, received a “Certificate of Apprecation”, a “Certificate of Attendance” and their “Europass”, together to a mug with the Logo of the Project.. 
The video of the partnership school exchange in Italy:

Every year our school organizes a Project called "Orientamento scolastico", that is a guide to do the best choice for their future.
It consists of two steps:
-1: some teachers of High-Schools come to school and meet our students; they illustrate the High-School where they teach, through videos, brochures and so on. Then students can ask for information.
-2: High-Schools invite students who are interested in attending that school; they can partecipate some lessons, too.
Before the deadline of enrolment, High-Schools organize an event, called "Open Day", usually at the weekend; it's a day when families and students can visit the school they are interested to, guided by attending students, and can have all the information about activities organized, subjects studied, which are the career opportunities, etc. They often ask if the school runs some Erasmus or eTwinning Projects.
Personal Challenges / Working towards goals so that they could set goals and reach them, make good choices, and make their dreams come true…This topic allowed us to be totally inclusive to meet every student’s aspirations and to encourage students to try something new.

Here is the link to our common dissemination website: 
And here is the link of some of our dissemination activities: 
In the school website and in the facebook page of the school:
In a national educational website: 

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